Pros and Cons of Insulated Glass

In this article I will try to explore the insulated glass to the maximum level. Hope you will find all the required information about insulated glass here like the manufacturing, properties, uses, disadvantages, etc. the reason behind the creation of insulated glass is to save the energy by keeping a room temperature constant. Insulated glass is also known as the thermal panes, or double pane glass. You can call it with any name it would not mind. It is best improving energy-efficiency to reduce heat loss and temperature transfers across the panes of glass.


Manufacturing Insulated glass

Insulating glass units are hermetically sealed combinations of two lites of glass that are separated by an air spacer. Insulating glass units are fabricated according to the specifications of the customer. It is made up of with multiple layers of glass with gas (argon or krypton) infill. The glass panes are sealed and held together structurally along their perimeters. The glass is available in various thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 12mm.

The following components are required for insulated glass composition:

  • Tinted Glass
  • Coated Glass
  • Low-e Glass
  • Spacers

Although, clear glass is used in insulated units to provide unimpeded views. But Tinted glass is also used in the manufacturing of insulated glass on the choice of the customer. The reason behind it is to save the room from outsider heat from the sun. Tinted glass also provides privacy. One can use the tinted glass for use in vehicles and also in home, but it is best for using in the vehicles. You can get tinted glass in any shade, but typically it comes in bronze, green, and grey tones.

Coated Glass

A coating of polyester or metal-based material is best for improving the heat and sound insulation. It also improves the safety in case of splintering. The coat of film can also reduce fading of fabrics in the home or place of business.

Low-e Glass

The low e glass products are designed to reflect heat and sunlight rather than absorb it. It has a microscopically thin, transparent coating.


Spacers are the core element in making insulate glass. A spacer separates the Insulated glass panel.

Uses of Insulated glass

  • As one can assume by name insulated glass insulate a room by reducing the heat gain and heat loss. The use of the insulated glass products has significantly grown in popularity during the last decade for residential and commercial property owners seeking to reduce the cost of their gas and electric bills.
  • It can also act as safety window. As it is not easily breakable like the single pane window. So it can provide a sense of security. The double Insulated glass panels make it stronger and hard to break.
  • If you want to improve the thermal performance of your room, then Insulated units are here to help you out. They are also very good in reducing the heating and air conditioning costs. They are a good resource for reducing the interior condensation in cold climates. Adding multiple layers of glass with gas infill further protects the windows and building from heat loss.
  • You can increase your building efficiency by installing insulated glass panel in your home.
  • You can also opt for insulated glass for saving yourself from outside noise. It improves the acoustics of the place. Noise from outside can’t come inside and inside chat voices or other sound can’t go outside. It is due to the barrier i:e gas present in between the two panes of glass.
  • It protects the room from direct sunlight and UV rays. The sun rays and UV can fade the photographs, paintings, curtains, carpets and sofa fabrics.


As everything as some advantages and also some disadvantages same is with the insulated glass. We have discussed the advantages now lets have a look on some disadvantages too.



The first and foremost disadvantages is that it is relatively costly than normal glass. In the begging it was very expensive but now it has become somehow cost effective.

The second disadvantage of insulated window is that it can damage. The damage can be due to the gas leakage. Gas Leakage might result in condensation and damage of the Insulated Glass unit.  Once it will be damaged, then it will need to be replaced and no other option.

The insulated glass is very famous for its use in green buildings. It is playing a very important role by reducing the building’s Carbon footprint and making it sustainable.